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Working to Reduce Stigma: VJLAP Enters the Podcast Arena

February 20, 2020
Working to Reduce Stigma: VJLAP Enters the Podcast Arena

The Virginia Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program’s (VJLAP) Clinical Director Jim Leffler (Jim) was Interviewed this week on “Mens Sana: A Motion for Mental Health” which is a podcast by lawyers with mental health issues dedicated to reducing mental health stigma in the legal industry through weekly conversations.  Jim discussed the current status of wellness in Virginia and VJLAP’s role in improving wellness by addressing mental health and substance use concerns throughout the legal profession.

The hosts were surprised by the number of services provided by VJLAP, specifically that it is not just a hotline for legal professionals in crisis. They promoted VJLAP’s wellness initiatives, therapy facilitation, and volunteer opportunities and that VJLAP actually provide meetings for lawyers to go to where lawyers can feel comfortable talking about mental health and addiction with others who feel comfortable talking about these issues. The hosts ended the conversation with the aspiration that it will motivate listeners to “get involved in any way that you can and use them [VJLAP] as a resource.” Listen to interview here.

“…Having these conversations works… people are starting to listen to these conversations and change is happening.” – Mens Sana Host.

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