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How We Can Help

The Virginia Judges & Lawyers Assistance Program offers tailored counseling services and support groups to law students who are suffering from mental health disorders and addiction. Our services are 100% free, confidential and non disciplinary.

One of the biggest things law students worry about is passing the State Bar. Students worry if they receive counseling or treatment for mental-health issues, that may impact their bar admission. 

Similarly, students who have ever been criminally sanctioned for driving under the influence understandably feel concerned about how they will fare before the Board of Bar Examiners Character and Fitness Committee. That is where our program comes into play. 

Seeking help from us, whether for a current substance abuse or mental health issue or for dealing with a past legal infraction, can allow you to create a positive record of mature and responsible behavior in the face of situations that might otherwise seem to create obstacles to bar admissions.

Renew your sense of hope by starting your journey toward recovery today: 804-644-3212.

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