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Wisdom on the Strength of Recovery

April 7, 2020
Wisdom on the Strength of Recovery

Addiction recovery wisdom going happily viral:

We were made to survive this,

We are used to an unseen illness trying to kill us. We live through that every day.

We are used to taking things as they come. One day at a time.

We are used to isolation. We have survived loneliness many times.

We are used to quarantine; jails, institutions, detoxes, treatment centers, and more.

We are used to turning to a higher power for faith and hope constantly;

We are used to letting go of what we can’t control. To turning it over.

We are used to working every day to keep others alive. To keep hope alive.

We are used to fighting against the odds to RECOVER from a disease. To help others RECOVER.

We have the best skill set in the world to make it through this.

We are RECOVERY strong.

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