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Coping with Death While Social Distancing

April 17, 2020
Coping with Death While Social Distancing

Grieving after the death of a loved one is a natural, painful process that looks and feels different for each person experiencing loss. Societies and cultures have created rituals to help ease this process, mourning periods, wakes, funerals, celebrations of life. To help us reconcile our loss, remember the deceased, and connect with other. Few or none of these rituals, in the form generally practiced are possible when social distancing. Funerals are delayed or limit the number of mourners. Consoling hugs are impossible from six feet apart.

Recognize Our Losses: Identify and name the feelings you are experiencing; acknowledge that we are in a different time

Honor Your Grief

  • Bear witness and communicate: create space to acknowledge the different emotions that come with loss; celebrate memories and maintain connections with family and friends; reach our for support
  • Write, express, create: commemorate your loved one in the way you feel comfortable, maybe even a letter to him or her.
  • Meditate: take time of feel and center yourself
  • Be open to joy: find time to take care of yourself
  • Plan for later: schedule a commemoration for when social distancing restrictions become a memory

Be kind to yourself: Grieving is a complex process, it takes time to adapt to the changed circumstances, particularly under current circumstances

Perspectives on grieving during the pandemic:

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