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Unhealthy Coping? Drinking Our Way Through the Pandemic?

April 28, 2020
Unhealthy Coping? Drinking Our Way Through the Pandemic?

Home. No routines. Anxious. Stressed. Alone. Why not? More importantly, Why? A few reasons why not.

Studies have shown that (1) alcohol sales have exponentially increased since the outbreak of the pandemic in the United States and (2) this drinking is happening while working from home for up to half of us (statistics are in the links below).

We also know that alcohol consumption (1) can lead to depression, anger, and hopelessness; (ii) affects job performance; and (iii) weakens the immune system and definitely does not protect against COVID-19. Just to name a few.

Consider reassessing your drinking habits and reevaluating your relationship with alcohol. Contact VJLAP if you want to talk.

  • Healthline: Happy Hours: More People Drinking While Working from Home During COVID-19
  • Effects of Alcohol
  • Today: Knocking back too many ‘quaraninis’? Here’s how to keep drinking in check
  • CNN: WHO would like to remind everyone that drinking alcohol will not protect you from coronavirus.
  • MarketWatch: US online alcohol sales jump 243% during coronavirus pandemic
  • Forbes: Nielson Says Beverage Alcohol Retail Sales Are Soaring During the Crisis
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