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VJLAP 2020, Virtually Everywhere

May 11, 2020
VJLAP 2020, Virtually Everywhere

The VJLAP strategic plan, summed up, is to help every member of the legal profession who seeks assistance with mental health and substance use concerns. VJLAP entered 2020 with improved staffing, expanded ideas, and enhanced outreach efforts so every legal professional throughout the Commonwealth knows VJLAP is available to provide confidential, non-disciplinary assistance.

We reached out to the law firms, government agencies, bar associations, and more to strengthen our partnerships in spreading the word on our purpose and availability. We presented CLEs. We were available at resource tables at trainings and conferences. We updated our website blog (The Beacon) and Facebook page and started VJLAP Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We conducted assessments. We provided counseling and referrals. We met with clients individually and in support groups. We were and are ready, willing, and available to do whatever we can to support the legal profession.

At VJLAP, we are confident that connection is a foundational building block for recovering from addiction and coping with mental health disorders; and we can serve an integral role in the process of establishing appropriate supports.

…Federal and state local emergency declarations were issued and in-person communications were halted. So, how does one promote and build connections when social distancing is mandated? We explored the difference between solitude and isolation and brainstormed how VJLAP could attain the best results under these challenging circumstances.

VJLAP has taken advantage of the expanded staff and virtual capabilities and has remained and remains open, with acute awareness of the possible exacerbation of areas of concerns as the world adapts to COVID-19 and our daily routines and lives are impacted. We submitted articles, blurbs, posts, tweets, and any other medium for written words to continue to raise awareness of the problems and solutions within the legal profession. We moved in-person support groups (women’s, wellness, and 12-step) to a virtual platform through Zoom meetings. We reached out wherever possible to establish any new groups. We text, email, talk, and Zoom with whomever, whenever, wherever.

The distance of six feet is an apartness to which we continue to adapt. VJLAP is here to improve, grow, and adapt with you.

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