Mid-Atlantic Women Legal Professionals’ Retreat
March 2-6, 2023 in Roanoke, Virginia

Join your colleagues from KY, NC, TN, WV, and more.
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Reaching Out, Never a Bad Idea

June 11, 2020
Reaching Out, Never a Bad Idea

The pandemic continues to impact lawyers, sometimes in hidden ways. You are not alone. VJLAP is here. VJLAP remains available to you 24/7 through our hotline (877.545.4682), and our staff are available on their¬†regional numbers. For social distancing and convenience, we have moved our support groups (Wellness, 12-Step, and Women’s) to an online format (individuals may participate using their desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or by calling in). Find a meeting on our calendar.

Article: Lawyers Assistance Programs Gear Up for New Client Explosion. Bloomberglaw.com: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/lawyer-assistance-programs-gear-up-for-new-client-explosion

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