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Stories From Our Colleagues – One Question Made All The Difference

October 12, 2020
Stories From Our Colleagues – One Question Made All The Difference

In this series, “Stories From Our Colleagues,”  you will see stories from real people – legal professionals just like you, who have experienced mental health and substance abuse issues and are in recovery from these conditions. By sharing their stories they are shining a light on problems that are often in the shadows and giving hope to others who may need a beacon of hope and light to shine on their own difficulties.

If you are feeling concerned about your mental health or a loved one’s well-being, don’t be afraid to reach out. You can talk with a friend, a colleague, your doctor, your spiritual leader, a counselor, or VJLAP. We are free and confidential and we will help you to connect with resources to feel better.

One question from a colleague made ALL the difference. Listen to JB’s story:


JB was successful attorney and all things appeared “normal” to outsiders but was struggling inside. He sought refuge through alcohol which did not affect his work but progressed into his primary outlet. One evening, when finishing a brief with a colleague, he was asked a simple question. The answer surprised him. It was the right time and he wouldn’t change his answer for anything.


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