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Reflections and Hope Series: Barbara

February 5, 2021
Reflections and Hope Series: Barbara

Barbara’s Reflections on 2020 and Wisdom Looking Forward

I am not alone in stating that 2020 was just beyond words and comprehension. In my professional endeavors, I work with clients who are struggling with this pandemic and state of the world, with managing the uncertainty and drastic changes in their lives: virtual learning; working from home; not being able to see friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family; and losing loved ones and not being able to grieve their deaths in traditional ways. While I have been helping clients navigate their emotions through all of the above, I, too, have had to manage and process my feelings and struggles. My fears are the same. My worries are the same. But, my management has to be separate. Sometimes exhausting. Sometimes overwhelming. But, not impossible.

I start by focusing on my feelings and being present in the moment. So how does that happen? I focus on what I can control and practice gratitude. I can choose to look at what I am grateful for. Many times it is not “things” but the people I have in my life, both my own and my work families. That is the bonus of gratitude. I can choose to look at that or not, but the benefit of what I receive when I focus on my gratitude far outweighs my struggles, uncertainty, and worries.

Through gratitude comes hope. I start each day with the goal of focusing on the positive: how can I be of service to my fellows, my family and myself? When I get down, I refocus my perspective. And, through this all, my hope for everyone this year is to be healthy, happy, and hopeful.

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