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Reflections and Hope Series: Tim

February 16, 2021
Reflections and Hope Series: Tim

Tim’s Reflections on 2020 and Wisdom Looking Forward

My family was acutely impacted by the “annus horribilis” that was 2020.  My wife lost her mother in July and, less than two weeks later, her father succumbed to a broken heart compounded by COVID 19.  Shortly thereafter, she nearly lost me to the same disease. Arriving at the hospital with an Oxygen level below 60%, it was only by the grace of God and the skilled medical professionals who cared for me that I am a survivor.  Just as I was recovering, a Lyme disease-bearing tick found its way onto my leg; and, a few weeks later, I tore a meniscus leading to surgery on both knees.

Objectively, those events in succession make for a pretty bad year. Right? We thought so until just before Thanksgiving when the unimaginable happened: my wife’s sister, best friend, and co-worker in the family business was killed in a domestic murder-suicide.

2020 could not end soon enough for us. Looking back at the year, these devastating events come to mind first. I have to work to remember that the year wasn’t a total bust. In fact, there was joy and hope amidst the turmoil; and I never despaired. Our youngest daughter got married, and our oldest daughter got engaged.  Perhaps the true saving grace for us was the very beginning of 2020 when our VJLAP staff was fully up and running.  As you can imagine, I leaned on them for support and thank God every day that I am a part of such an amazing team of professionals.

2021 brings us hope for a better year.  With the support of our faith, family, and friends, we know we can endure any challenge.  But it truly is the VJLAP team that makes a difference.  We hope the same for each of you.

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