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VTLA’s Donation is Our Largest Voluntary Contribution

February 24, 2021
VTLA’s Donation is Our Largest Voluntary Contribution

We are pleased to announce that The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA) has donated $20,000 to support VJLAP. This contribution will enable us to more effectively reach members of our legal community who are struggling with mental health and substance use concerns. It will further support our efforts to provide education on, both within and throughout the legal profession, the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of impairment, intervening early, supporting treatment efforts, and reducing stigmatization surrounding mental illness and addiction. VTLA is our largest voluntary contributor, and we are grateful for its continued generosity and commitment to our program.

VJLAP is an independent nonprofit organization. While part of our budget is funded through the Wellness Assessment in the VSB bar dues assessment, this does not cover the entire costs of operating. Our sincerest thanks to VTLA for your commitment, dedication, and support!

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