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WWIL Tuesday, Align: Spiritual Well-Being

May 4, 2021
WWIL Tuesday, Align: Spiritual Well-Being

Well-Being Week In Law (WWIL) Tuesday!

Today’s focus is: Align – Spiritual Well-Being

Cultivating a sense of meaning and purpose in work and life. Aligning out work and lives with our values, goals, and interests. 

Aligning With Your Values

Chronic misalignment between our values and behaviors can contribute to disengagement, burnout, anxiety, and depression. Identify your core values and ways to align those values with your work and personal life.

Benefits of spiritual wellness:

  • Feel fulfilled in life
  • Inspired and motivated
  • Feel connected with the self and others
  • Self- awareness, self- understanding and self –acceptance
  • Inner peace and strength
  • Clarity with a clear direction in life
  • Free from fear
  • Improved physical, emotional and mental health

Below are suggested activities to jump start your wellness week Tuesday!

Spiritual Enlightenment Formula


  1. Eliminate limiting beliefs
  2. New beliefs
  3. Love and compassion
  4. Identify values
  5. Goal setting
  6. Harmony
  7. Take control
  8. Emotional clearing
  9. Nature
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