Important changes to VJLAP’s 12-Step and Wellness Support Meetings:

1. Effective immediately, the Monday 12-Step Support Meetings will commence at 6:30 PM instead of 8:00 PM. VJLAP will no longer host a Monday 12-Step Support Meeting at 8:00 PM. Changes will be made to the event calendar.
2. After 04/08/24, there will no longer be Monday Wellness Support Meetings at 6:30 PM. If you are interested in such a meeting, there is a Thursday Wellness Support Meeting (1, 3 and 5th Thursday of the month). Changes will be made to the event calendar.
3. Effective immediately, there will no longer be a Wednesday 12-Step Meeting at 6:00 PM. There is a Wednesday 12-Step Meeting at 5:30PM and a meeting on the 1, 3 & 5th Monday of the month at 6:30PM. Changes will be made to the event calendar.
4. Please also note the Thursday Wellness Support Meetings that had been every Thursday will only be the 1, 3 & 5 Thursday of the month. Changes will be made to the event calendar.

Thank you for your attention to these updates. If there are questions, please reach out to Barbara Mardigian at

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WWIL Wednesday, Engage and Grow: Career and Intellectual Well-Being

May 5, 2021
WWIL Wednesday, Engage and Grow: Career and Intellectual Well-Being

Well-Being Week In Law (WWIL) Wednesday!

Today’s focus is: Engage and Grow – Career and Intellectual Well-Being

Seeking personal satisfaction, continuous learning and growth in our professional and personal lives, and financial stability. Engaging in creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development and monitoring cognitive wellness.

Intellectual well-being involves pushing ourselves to be continuously learning and intellectually stimulated. This dimension also relates to our cognitive functioning and capacity. Occupational well-being encompasses confidence in our short- and long-term career trajectories and our day-to-day work product, a sense of autonomy and purpose in our work, and financial stability. You can support your well-being in these dimensions by creating or revising your contact list, completing a strengths-finder exercise, or checking in on various aspects of your career development.

Join VJLAP for our free CLE, “Identifying and Managing the Occupational Risks of Practicing Law,” today at 4:00 pm.

  • Five current, former, and future VSB Presidents will identify a risk to wellness within the practice of law, as identified in the 2019 report, “The Occupational Risks of Practicing Law,” issued by the VSB President’s Special Committee on Lawyer Well-Being.
  • They will discuss (i) how the risk manifested at different parts of their careers (in self or colleagues) and (ii) what practice pointers have worked to address it.
  • Preregistration open until the CLE begins. Register HERE.
  • Approved for one hour VA CLE credit.

Below are suggested activities to jump start your wellness week Wednesday!

What is Occupational Wellness?

  • Making sure that you are happy with what you are doing for a job.
  • Giving yourself a chance to succeed at the job you are at.
  • Having a good relationship with the people with whom you work.
  • Being able to work hard and having fun at work.

Occupational Wellness aims to achieve a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building relationships with co-workers. It focuses on our search for a calling and involves exploring available options and paths to alternatives, being open to change, learning new skills, focusing on being fulfilled in  your career, and finding where you fit.


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