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After Party Tuesday: Focusing on Balance

May 18, 2021
After Party Tuesday: Focusing on Balance

Well-Being Week After Party (May 17-21).

Tuesday’s Focus: Balance (Our culture supports members’ ability to maintain good health and functioning while feeling fully engaged in and satisfied with their contributions to their work and families and themselves without perceiving too much conflict among those roles.)

Achieving work-life balance is key to healthy law firms and legal professionals. Without it, you risk your mental health and general well-being. Without balance, you are likely to experience fatigue, lost time, and loss of boundaries – all of which impact personal and professional performance. Obtaining and maintaining balance is an on-going process and looks different for every individual. Read more.

Below are suggested activities for Balance Tuesday:

What Leaders Can Do

What can the leadership of a law firm do to help lawyers preserve their mental health and enjoy some work-life balance? The available solutions may depend on the size and resources of the firm. Here are some options that have been implemented.

  1. Examine your beliefs and firm culture.
  2. Implement legal project management principles.
  3. Examine the firm’s billing and compensation system.
  4. Make sure lawyers have the tools and resources to do their work effectively and efficiently.
  5. Permit remote working at least part of the time.
  6. Offer flex time options..
  7. Provide convenience services.
  8. Model and mentor a balanced life.
  9. Incorporate wellness programs.

Read more: “Leadership Impact on Work-Life Balance.” ABA (2018). Article.

Visit the Well-Being Week After Party website: Here.

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