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After Party Wednesday: Focusing on Effective Leadership

May 19, 2021
After Party Wednesday: Focusing on Effective Leadership

Well-Being Week After Party (May 17-21)

Wednesday: Leadership (Our leaders positively impact organizational members’ well-being through their leadership style, creation of a psychologically healthy work culture, management of mental health matters in the workplace, and support for workplace well-being programs.)

Educate. Eliminate Stigma. Provide Resources. Prioritize Prevention. Intervene Early. Encourage Treatment. Support Recovery. Promote Balance.

Not only is this the right thing to do, but law firms are discovering that promoting well-being can be a tremendous economic boost. Whatever form a given mental health or wellness effort takes, someone has to steer it. Thus law firms are immediately faced with two questions: What type of roles are best suited to leading a well-being effort in the firm, and what type of background is best suited to those roles? Once selected, these new leaders have the opportunity to make a huge impact on firm culture and attorney wellness. 

“The legal profession is trapped in a work culture that is out of balance from top to bottom, and we are seeing the results of not dealing with stress, anxiety and one’s professional life in a healthy manner.” Read more.

Change is hard but worth the effort (or in business lingo, there is a great return on the investment into wellness at work).

Below are suggested activities for Effective Leadership Wednesday:

What Leaders Can Do

What can the leadership of a law firm do to help lawyers preserve their mental health and enjoy some work-life balance? The available solutions may depend on the size and resources of the firm. Here are some options that have been implemented.

  1. Examine your beliefs and firm culture.
  2. Implement legal project management principles.
  3. Examine the firm’s billing and compensation system.
  4. Make sure lawyers have the tools and resources to do their work effectively and efficiently.
  5. Permit remote working at least part of the time.
  6. Offer flex time options..
  7. Provide convenience services.
  8. Model and mentor a balanced life.
  9. Incorporate wellness programs.

Read more: “Leadership Impact on Work-Life Balance.” ABA (2018). Article.

Visit the Well-Being Week After Party website: Here.

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