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After Party Friday: Focus on Building a Culture of Trust

May 21, 2021
After Party Friday: Focus on Building a Culture of Trust

Well-Being Week After Party (May 17-21)

Friday: Culture of Trust (Our work environment is characterized by the shared values of trust, honesty, transparency, and fairness.)

Trust is an incredibly powerful resource for any business. Workplace trust is the basis for strong relationships and is crucial to success in business. Why? Well, businesses are built on relationships. All businesses no matter their size or the industry in which they work rely on relationships. This is no more true than when it comes to law firms. The importance of trust in the legal industry cannot be understated. Trust has a huge influence on the outcomes of casework and future business for those working in law. Losing trust, whether it be with employees or clients is hugely detrimental. Read more.

Having a defined vision, culture, and values can help people, employees, and clients understand why you do what you do and how you do it. But you shouldn’t just be thinking about your law firm culture and values, you need to have them clearly defined and written down for all to see. Defined cultures and values also help give purpose and direction for your employees so you can all work together towards common goals.  Read more.

Below are suggested activities for Trusting Friday:

It isn’t easy, but you want to be deliberate about creating a healthier work environment, one that doesn’t fall into the toxic narrative of traditional law firms where people are ultra-competitive and money-driven only. This means building a culture that encourages trust between team members, confidence in individuals, and having the right people in the right places moving towards a common goal.

“Culture” doesn’t mean homogeneity, you want your culture to be inclusive and committed to diversity and accessibility. Work culture is what it’s like to work at your firm. Culture develops from the bottom up, not the top down. Everyone at your firm is responsible for culture. While law firm leadership is instrumental in setting the tone through the firm’s vision and values, they can’t declare and enforce culture. Culture comes from interactions with everyone. Read more.

Visit the Well-Being Week After Party website: Here.


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