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Honoring George Hettrick with Volunteer Training

June 15, 2022
Honoring George Hettrick with Volunteer Training

Volunteers are the backbone of VJLAP’s strength and outreach efforts. In celebration of our volunteers and to bolster our volunteer network the first George Hettrick Volunteer Symposium was held in Staunton, Virginia on May 20-22, 2022. The symposium was named in honor of George Harrison Hettrick, a life-long public servant and former VJLAP Board Member, who passed away in November 2021. Donations made, at his family’s request, to the George H. Hettrick Memorial Fund were and will continue to be used to offset the costs of hosting the Volunteer Symposium.

Approximately 20 individuals attended the opening reception and were joined by George Hettrick’s daughter, Heather Brugh. She and the other attendees listened to an engaging panel discussion on the history of VJLAP and George’s involvement and legacy.

Our volunteers received an orientation on VJLAP’s mission, purpose, structure, and services; presentations on the risks within and wellness of the legal profession; and training on the skills necessary for the assessment of and safe intervention with individuals who may be experiencing a mental health crisis. Our Deputy Clinical Director, Barbara Mardigian, is a certified Mental Health First Aid trainer and provided participants the opportunity to complete the full course.

Volunteers monitor individuals participating in Rehabilitation and Monitoring Agreements; present at CLEs and other presentations; serve as mentors for individuals experiencing practice, personal, and transitional difficulties; and assist with retreat and other event planning. We plan for this to be a biennial event and look forward to celebrating our volunteers and George’s commitment for years to come.

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