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Judicial Roundtable Discussions Start This Week!

November 7, 2022
Judicial Roundtable Discussions Start This Week!

Last year, the American Bar Association released a report on its survey of judicial stress and wellness which found that judges are not immune to the impact of chronic stress. Judges, like all members of the legal profession, are subject to higher rates of and risks for substance use and mental health disorders.

Judges typically hold themselves to high standards for being alert, attentive, and capable. On the flip side are concerns of external perceptions and the feelings of shame one might experience about being in less-than-optimal health. Virginia has not turned a blind eye to the struggles within the judiciary, creating the Virginia Lawyers Wellness Initiative, expanding VJLAP, and changing the Judicial Cannons to clarify the broad confidentiality protections applicable when working with VJLAP (See Virginia Judicial Canon 2 (T) (4).

The study’s findings support the notion that a concerted effort to reduce judicial stress is necessary. This includes (i) educating the judiciary on the risks and impact of prolonged stress and the availability and benefits of implementing stress-relieving measures both systemically and personally and (ii) providing wellness trainings, counseling, and other supports for judges.

As such, judges have requested and VJLAP is ready to provide access to the first Judicial Roundtable!

For Judges. By Judges.
100% Confidential discussion amongst colleagues.
Wednesday, November 9th
4:30-5:30 pm (virtual)

If you are a judge and would like more information or the link to attend, please contact Barbara Mardigian ( link will not be posted or widely distributed. It will be provided to requesting judges and from judge-to-judge referrals/referencing.

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