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COVID-19 and Well-Being: VJLAP Remains an Available Resource

March 16, 2020
COVID-19 and Well-Being: VJLAP Remains an Available Resource

In this time of constant media reports of new positive cases of COVID-19, closer and closer to home, and urged social distancing, individuals may start to experience or have an increase in mental health symptoms. When working from home, with the school systems and law schools closed, and no toilet paper or hand sanitizer in the stores, it is easy to feel frustrated, isolated, anxious, pretty much anything else, or all feelings at once.

VJLAP remains open and available to support all members of the legal profession, law students, and their families who may be struggling to manage any mental health concerns related to the reality in Virginia and around the world of the COVID-19 Pandemic and impact on daily routines and lives. The Richmond Office remains open during regular business hours and the hotline and regional numbers remain live.

We will be posting on all our social media platforms news, articles, and links to resources available to balance our lives in this unique time. Also, here’s a compilation of some of the resource and support options out there.

VJLAP – COVID 19 and Well-Being

Coronavirus mental health resources_VJLAP

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