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Well-Being Week In Law Highlighted in VLW

April 30, 2021
Well-Being Week In Law Highlighted in VLW

Virginia Lawyers Weekly (VLW) published a post on VJLAP’s support of Wellness Week In Law (WWIL).

The article noted the purpose of WWIL is to educate those in the legal field on mental health and highlighted VJLAP’s efforts to promote lawyer wellness generally and WWIL specifically. Here’s an excerpt:

  • … VJLAP’s main initiative for the week is a trio of one-hour CLEs on wellness topics, in conjunction with the Well-Being Week in Law schedule. The CLEs cover managing attorney stress, identifying and managing the risks of practicing law, and addiction as a disease. The CLEs are approved for credit and are available for preregistration on the VJLAP website,, at no cost.
  • “We think that we’ve put together a fairly good topic of CLEs,” Carroll said. Carroll mentioned that the programs, which will be held the week of May on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, are aligned with the overall themes of the week and spaced out along the entire event.
  • Carroll said that VJLAP’s involvement in the week will be greater than last year, thanks both to the program’s “incredible staff” as well as a shift to broaden the focus of the event by the Institute for Well-Being in Law.
  • “Anytime we have offered CLE, and particularly during this week, we have always received an incredibly positive reaction from those who participate,” Carroll said. “It’s really an opportunity that folks have taken advantage of in a positive way to help their own wellbeing and to help address some of the issues that they may be dealing with.” The popularity of the week has already paid dividends in 2021, with Carroll stating that “a fairly healthy number of people” registered for the CLEs when the VJLAP sent out a bulletin on the event on April 19.
  • In addition to the CLEs targeting Virginia’s legal professionals, Carroll said those who are looking for other ways to get involved with the week can do so by going to the Institute for Well-Being in Law’s website and engaging with the resources they have for individuals and organizations that go along with each day’s theme.  …

Check out the WWIL website for free resources and webinars and many ideas for participating:

  •  The For Individuals page recommends something to read, watch, and do for every day of WWIL. We also are offering two free webinars. On Wednesday, Candor Coach Melissa Andrada will share strategies for giving candid feedback while also being kind–critical skills for well-being, inclusion, and development. On Friday, Gloria Park, PhD, a performance psychologist, will share strategies for channeling our energy (and stress!) like elite athletes.  Registration is open and available on the website.
  • The For Organization page includes helpful participation guides that provide ideas for organizations that are planning WWIL activities.
  • The More Resources page includes many resources for building individual and workplace well-being during WWIL and year-round.

Read VLW post.

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